instructor:Toshiko Oka, Ai Ito

fee : 2,500 / 1 class,   9,000 / 5 classes (effective for 8 months)

book:Please let us know your information by e-mail ( )

                                 - name

                                 - mail address

                                 - phone number

                                 - experiences of dance    

*classes are for people who have more than 3 years Contemporary dance (or ballet) experiences.

 If you have any question about Dance Workshop, please touch us and respond you as shortly as we can.



<Basic class> bar lesson, center lesson, combination

Tue. 19:20 – 20:50  every week (except Obon and New Year)

@Koubunen Community Hall in Kobe (1 minute for a walk from Hankyu Okamoto Sta.)

<Special class in Tokyo>


schedule and more info 


<Special class in Yokohama> 

@Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio

schedule and more info